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Telecommunication Electronics

Telecommunication Electronics

Telecommunication Electronics | Dante Del Corso, Roberto Quaglia, Vittorio Camarchia
English | 2020 | True PDF | Pages 293 | 10 Mb

This practical, hands-on resource describes functional units and circuits of telecommunication systems. The functions characterizing these systems, including RF amplifiers (both low noise and power amplifiers), signal sources, mixers and phase lock loops, are explored from an operational level viewpoint. And as all functions are migrating to digital implementations, this book describes functional units and circuits of telecommunication systems (with radio, wire, or optical links), from functional level viewpoint to the circuit details and examples.

The structure of a radio transceiver is described and a view of all functional units, including migration to SDR (Software Defined Radio) is provided. Chapters include a functional identification of the units described and analysis of possible circuit solutions and analysis of error sources.

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