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Arduino Automotive Conversion Projects 2nd Edition

Arduino Automotive Conversion Projects 2nd Edition

Arduino Automotive Conversion Projects 2nd Edition | Mandy Concepcion
English | 2023 | EPUB | 16.3 MB

Including power-windows, power door-locks, windshield wipers, drive-by-wire, A/C blower motor speed controller, radiator fan-motor w/temp sensor, high-beam incoming headlight controller, LCD conversions, LCD speed rotational IR sensor.

This work has been a labor of love. It is meant to compliment and broaden the working knowledge of the automotive driver/enthusiast and DIY Technician. The idea is to provide the way to perform vehicle conversions for those who want tolearn these systems or those that need it. Often times the specific component is discontinued and non-replaceable. Other times the vehicle simply needs a complete replacement system. This book is totally based on actual working conditions and real life Arduino conversions. With that intent, special thanks are given to Mr. Gino Ferrulli for his incredible support of my business. This book, including waveform captures and photographs would have been impossible to acquire and assemble without his business support. My gratitude to him and his family. And last, but not least, thanks to my wife Carmen for her support and encouragement. I really needed it at times. But most of all, this book was done for you, “The DIY Mechanic or Tech”. The guy (or girl in some cases) who works all day long and studies at night to further his/her career in spite of the stress of the day. This work was done for you. I hope you enjoy and learn from it. Remember, no matter what happens keep building your knowledge.

Arduino AC Blower Speed Controller: Conversion that shows how to make an Air Conditioning Blower with speed control with Sketch included.
Arduino As Push Button Control: This project explains how to make a simple push button control and is also part of many of the other projects.
Arduino Auto Drive-by-Wire Controller Conversion: Pretty advanced project that shows how to make a drive-by-wire throttle body control system with Sketch. Meant for farm equipment and non street driven vehicles.
Arduino Automotive High Beam Control: this project is an automatic high beam switcher. It looks at incoming traffic and switches to low beam when detected.
Arduino Automotive Motor Control: This is also a project to control DC motors and it's a basis for other projects.
Arduino LCD Headlight OFF Timer: The first in a series of LCD projects. This is a headlight OFF timer that allows you to reach you front door after arriving home.
Arduino LCD Infrared RPM Meter: This a tachometer project with an LCD screen to denote rotational speed. Make a white mark, point and measure.
Arduino LCD Power Door-Locks: This is a power door lock project conversion with LCD display. It also has lock actuator safety features and includes the Sketch.
Arduino LCD Simple Counter-Timer: Simple LCD timer and part of other projects.
Arduino Power Door Lock: Part of the same project, but without LCD display.
Arduino Power Windows Auto OFF: A power window conversion with automatic shut off safety feature meant for the front power windows.
Arduino Power Windows Controller: Power Window controller for the rear windows. Meant to be used with the PW with auto shut off.
Arduino Windshield Wiper: A single motor wiper system meant to be used without a wiper linkage mechanism.
Arduino Automotive Fan Motor with Temp Sensor: Fan motor with temp sensor to control the ON and OFF operation.

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