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ESP32 Formats and Communication

ESP32 Formats and Communication

Title: ESP32 Formats and Communication: Applications of Communication Protocols with ESP32 Microcontroller
Author: Neil Cameron
Year: 2023
Publisher: Apress
English language
Format: pdf (true), epub
Pages: 657
Size: 36.7 mb

Although Wi-Fi communication is incorporated in many internet-based applications, knowledge of alternative communication protocols is vital for optimal project development with a microcontroller, such as the ESP32. This book focuses on communication protocols for the ESP32 microcontroller with illustrative projects ranging from a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon communicating with your smart wristwatch to Long Range (LoRa) communication between microsatellites circling 550km above the Earth and an ESP32 microcontroller in your home.

Each chapter focuses on a communication protocol and is stand-alone, so they can be read without having to start from the beginning of the book. The chapters are loosely grouped into short- and long-range communication, image management for transmission to a webpage or a remote LCD screen, and the required apps and IoT techniques for remote control of an ESP32-CAM robot vehicle. The advantages of each communication protocol correspond to different project types.

What You'll Learn:
  • Study the MESH communication protocol and the ESP-NOW protocol with communication between ESP32 microcontrollers without a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Review email communication projects with an ESP32 and generation of quick response codes to instruct an ESP32 to control a connected device.
  • Look at the ESP32-CAM module built around a 2M-pixel camera for streaming images with the WebSocket protocol to a remote ESP32
  • Control an ESP32-CAM robot car through remote communication over the internet with image streaming to an Android tablet or mobile phone.

1. ESP32 Microcontroller
2. I2S Audio
3. MESH Communication
4. TTGO T-Watch V2
5. BLE Beacons
6. LoRa and Microsatellites
7. Email and QR Codes
8. WebSocket, Remote Access, and OTA
10. Managing Images
11. ESP32-CAM Camera
12. Control Apps
13. Remote Control Motors
14. Remote Control an ESP32-CAM Robot Car
15. Libraries

Download : ESP32 Formats and Communication: Application of Communication Protocols with ESP32 Microcontroller

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