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The MagPi - 07.2023

The MagPi - 07.2023

Read in the Issue 131 The MagPi 2023

Powered by Raspberry Pi, this mesmerising artwork is an international hit. By Rosie Hattersley.
A grandstand view led a Swiss hobbyist to record passing trains using Raspberry Pi’s camera, learns Rosie Hattersley.
Craft, control, and program Python-powered robot arms and legs.
With Thomas McDonald’s ingenious riff on the oscilloscope, live music performances don’t just sound great, they look good too, as David Crookes discovers.
Much more than a badge, this versatile mini e-ink display has wireless connectivity. By Phil King.

The MagPi is an online magazine dedicated to the Raspberry Pi created by the community for the community. It’s a great way to get to grips with learning how to program your Pi and how to get started on building hardware projects; it’ll also help you find out more about the community around the device and demystify the command line.


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