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The MagPi - 07.2022

The MagPi - 07.2022

«The MagPi» is the official magazine for the Raspberry Pi, the world’s best-selling credit card-sized computer. The magazine offers news, features, tutorials, and reviews written by hackers and makers from all over the world. Learn how to use your Raspberry Pi, make fantastic projects, and share your creations with one of the biggest and most vibrant communities in tech.

Read in the issue

Build a weather station.
Learn ARM Assembly - part 4.
Digital Analogue Converter.
ArtEvolver - part 2.
Code an homage to Game & Watch.
Super Make Something interview.
This Month in Raspberry Pi.
Hiwonder SpiderPi.
Maker Nano RP2040.
Pico Unicorn Pack.
10 amazing Summer projects.


English | 100 pages | True PDF | 10.1 MB

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