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HackSpace Issue 78 (May 2024)

HackSpace Issue 78 (May 2024)

Read in the HackSpace Issue 78

Cash Register. Grab a Raspberry Pi Pico: we're going to save capital ism!
3D-printing planters. Maximise limited space with a vertical herb garden.
Pico gamepad. Turn GPIOs into run, jump, and shoot buttons.
ROS: the Robot Operating System. Control the way your robot moves.
Animatronic wings. Take flight with a cardboard butterfly.
Crowdfunding Power Mole and Invisibility Shield A neat solution to getting power outdoors. Plus invisibility!
Review Bangle.js 2. A hackable smartwatch to measure all the things.
BrailleRAP An open-source Braille printer for everyone.

The trouble with capitalism is that you can only buy what someone else wants to sell you: if you want something truly unique you need to build it yourself. Luckily for us – and the makers we’ve rou…


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