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HackSpace Issue 75 (February 2024)

HackSpace Issue 75 (February 2024)

Read in the HackSpace Issue 75 (February 2024)

Smooth away unsightly layer lines with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB).
KiCad: How helpful are different PCB manufacturers?
Raspberry Pi: Build and control a mecanum robot.
Rubber stamp: Laser-cut an inky decorative shape.
Robot rugby: Network Pico-based robots to work as a team.
Modular synth: How to control the control voltage of a modular synth.
Congratulations! Anything with a USB connector is not a keyboard.

The trouble with capitalism is that you can only buy what someone else wants to sell you: if you want something truly unique you need to build it yourself. Luckily for us – and the makers we’ve rou…


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