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GPS World - 11.2023

GPS World - 11.2023

Read in the issue No 11 GPS World 2023

Meet the SSC GPS Certifications Branch.
China Installs BeiDou Ground Stations in South China Sea.
Studying the Ocean from a Mountaintop: Using GNSS Phase Reflectometry on Maui by Brian Breitsch and Jade Morton with Richard B. Langley.
Galileo: An Exciting Road Ahead Toward New Capabilities by Guerric Pont, Marco Falcone and Miguel Manteiga Bautista.

GPS World is the premier global media brand covering the dynamic world of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). In addition to the U.S. Global Positioning System, we also chronicle the development of all GNSS — Galileo, GLONASS, and Compass.


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