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Practical Electronics 08.2023

Practical Electronics 08.2023

Read in the issue 8 Practical Electronics 2023

Wide-Range OhmMeter – Part 1.
0-110dB RF Attenuator for Signal Generators.
SPY-DER 3D-printed robot.
Universal Battery Charge Controller – 2023 update.
PAS CO2 Air Quality Sensor Module.
Ideal diode integrated circuits.
Arduino Bootcamp – Part 8.
Online purchase pitfalls and parrot loops.
Make it with Micromite by Phil Boyce. Part 48: Long strings and sorting arrays.

Practical Electronics Magazine is the No. 1 UK magazine for hobby electronics enthusiasts everywhere. Each month’s issue is packed with practical constructional projects for the hobbyist, special features, advice and adverts from specialist electronics suppliers and more besides.


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