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Practical Electronics 12.2022

Practical Electronics 12.2022

Read in the issue 12 Practical Electronics 2022

Hummingbird Audio Amplifier by Phil Prosser. This miniature amplifi er is nimble, small in size but strong, delivering up to 60W into 8Ω or 100W into 4Ω.
USB Cable Tester – Part 2 by Tim Blythman. Our USB Cable Tester, introduced last month, is ideal for going through piles of cables and sorting them out – a great fi rst step in diag nosing a fault!
SMD Trainer Board by Tim Blythman. This simple SMD Trainer project is a great way to practice soldering a variety of surface-mount devices.
SMD Soldering Tips & Tricks by Tim Blythman. This article accompanies our SMD Trainer project and provides a lot of detail to help you become an SMD soldering master.
Audio Out by Jake Rothman. Universal single op amp board (optimised for audio electronics) – Part 1
Max’s Cool Beans by Max The Magnificent. Flashing LEDs and other engineering temptations – Part 34

Practical Electronics Magazine is the No. 1 UK magazine for hobby electronics enthusiasts everywhere. Each month’s issue is packed with practical constructional projects for the hobbyist, special features, advice and adverts from specialist electronics suppliers and more besides.


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