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Elektor Circuit Special №523 2023

Elektor Circuit Special №523 2023

Read in the issue 523 Elektor 2023

Solid-State Stereo Audio Switch.
Microphone Preamplifier with 48-V Phantom Power Distribution.
Square Wave Generators with Duty Cycle and Frequency Controls.
Simple Dynamic Compressor.
Speed Controller for Fan or Ventilator.
Electronic Components Used Unconventionally.
Simple Digitally Controlled Variable Resistor.
ESP32 Windows Controller with Free Software.
PS/2 Mouse As Rotary Encoder (and More…).

Curious what’s covered in the Elektor Circuit Special 2023? In typical Elektor fashion, we have something for everyone, from the pro engineer to the ambitious maker: a tiny solar supply, a DIY Li-Ion battery monitor, Elektor’s classic One-Armed Bandit, a power overload monitor, a programmable fitness timer, and much more.

English | 132 Pages | True PDF | 29.5 MB

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