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Elektor - 01/02.2023

Elektor - 01/02.2023

Read in the issue 519 Elektor 2023

ESP32 Camera. So Simple, It Doesn’t Even Have to Use Wi-Fi.
32 Ω Headphone Amplifier. Simple But High-Quality 3-Chip Solution.
SDR Radio-Controlled Clocks. Five Time Signals, Six Displays.
Reverse-Engineering a Bluetooth Low Energy LED Badge. How to Control a BLE Device with a Python Script.
Using Light for Sound Effects. LDR-Based Voltage-Controlled 24 dB/oct Synthesizer Filter.

«Elektor» - a popular magazine on electronic components and circuitry. On a magazine site it is possible to find additional materials to articles (insertions of controllers, drawings of printed-circuit boards).


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