Elektor - 09/10.2022

Elektor - 09/10.2022

Read in the issue 516 Elektor 2022

Bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer. Hacking a makerdiary nRF52840 MDK USB Dongle.
Bluetooth Low Energy with ESP32-C3 and ESP32. You Don’t Always Need to Choose Wi-Fi!
Remote Sensing with Connection Loss Detection. Using nRF24L01+ Modules.
Digital FM Receiver with Arduino and TEA5767. Stayed Tuned with an Arduino Nano.
Develop and Operate Your LoRaWAN IoT Nodes. Sample Chapter: Dragino LHT65, LDS01, and LDS02 LoRaWAN Modules.

"Elektor" - a popular magazine on electronic components and circuitry. On a magazine site it is possible to find additional materials to articles (insertions of controllers, drawings of printed-circuit boards).


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