Elektor Summer Circuits 2022

Elektor Summer Circuits 2022

Read in the issue:

US-Style Siren. An Elektor Classic for Your Desk!
Button-Free Door Control. A DIY Handlebar Remote Control.
Flashback. The Elektor SC/MP Computer.
Two Rotary Encoders on One Analog Input.
How to Build a Digital 220-V AC Dimmer with Arduino.
One-Button Thyristor Control.
Quasi-Analog Exposure Timer for the Dark Room.
Circuits Galore From the Hackster.io Community.
Analog Tanning Timer.
Yet Another Single-Wire LCD Interface.
Simple AVR ATtiny13-Based PWM Generator.

Many colleagues, freelance editors, and external authors have contributed to this extrathick Summer Circuits 2022 edition. As in the past, we’ve placed special emphasis on simple circuits, preferably without microcontrollers. Of course, we’ve added a dash of nostalgia.


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