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Elektor №3 2021

Elektor №3 2021

"Elektor" - a popular magazine on electronic components and circuitry. On a magazine site it is possible to find additional materials to articles (insertions of controllers, drawings of printed-circuit boards).

Read in the issue

  • Project 2.0. Corrections, Updates and Readers’ Letters
  • Ethics. Right to Repair Gains Momentum
  • Retronics. Learning Assembly Language on a Z80
  • Starting out in Electronics. Capacitors
  • Hexadoku. The Original Elektorized Sudoku
  • Review. Siglent Bench Multimeter SDM3045X
  • Hands On the Parallax Propeller 2. Part 2: The Development Environment and Code
  • Raspberry Pi Pico. Get to Know the Pico Board and the RP2040 Controller
  • Heat Seeker. The Seek Shot Pro Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Object-Oriented Programming. A Short Primer Using C++
  • Java on the Raspberry Pi. Part 1: GPIOs
  • DIY LiPo Supercharger Kit. From Handcrafted to Mass Market
  • DC Current-Sense Clamp. Hall Sensor + Ferrite Core + Arduino
  • Soldering Station 2021. An Easy-to-Build Soldering Solution!
  • Wi-Fi for LoRa Switch. Integrated in Home Assistant with ESPHome
  • Tracking Time with ESP32 and Toggl. Working with the M5Stack
  • MicroPython for Microcontrollers. Small-Format Screens
  • 12-to-200-V DC/DC Converter. For Valve Amplifiers


English | 116 Pages | PDF | 19.5 MB

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