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Electronics Maker - 06.2022

Electronics Maker - 06.2022

Electronics Maker is published by EM Media LLP. (INDIA) since 1996 is the most popular electronics monthly journal covering news, updates, launches, trends, technologies, viewpoints from all around electronics world. Today our publication is circulate more than 70,000 copies (India + International) and having readership up to HALF million. Most importantly we are publishing the contents taking care of industry needs and readers interest. Our expert team brings the innovations through an intense research in the field. Enjoy Reading.

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Healthcare flexibility with Wearable Patch Sensors.
USB Oscilloscope for IoT Applications.
Secure loT Gateway for Industrial Applications.
Design guidelines for high power server and telecom power supplies use-cases.
How to make a 10kW bidirectional AC/DC converter.
Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Make Sense for Cities?
Digital Smell Technology.
Dangers of 5-G network.


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