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Electronics For You Express - 10.2022

Electronics For You Express - 10.2022

Read in the number 12 Electronics For You Express October 2022

Your Suggestions and Things You Wanted To Know!
Dashboard: Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
What Not To Miss While Developing Wearable Tech
A Futuristic Wearable Health Monitoring Ring
Voice Based Home Automation System
A Simple Battery Charger With Overcharge Protection
A Basic Voltage To Frequency Converter
A Special Switch For The Specially Abled

Electronics For You is a magazine for people with a passion for Electronics and Technology. Since the first issue in 1969, EFY magazine has delivered the best in product reviews, hardware and software comparisons, technical news, analysis, electronics news, about products, components, computer hardware, Power Supply, Industry Automation and Circuit Designing.


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