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Electronics For You №5 2020

Electronics For You №5 2020

Electronics For You is a magazine for people with a passion for Electronics and Technology. Since the first issue in 1969, EFY magazine has delivered the best in product reviews, hardware and software comparisons, technical news, analysis, electronics news, about products, components, computer hardware, Power Supply, Industry Automation and Circuit Designing.

Read in the number:

Ten AI Trends Revolutionising Manufacturing Industry
Touch The Future Together With Multi-Touch Technology
Emerging Wireless Standards For Next-Gen IoT Applications
Performance Evaluation Of Upgraded Data Centre
Present Status Of Quantum Based Superfast Computer
Making This Versatile Arduino-Based Frequency Generator Is Simple
Arduino Based Liquid Vending Machine
Solar-Powered Charging For Electric Vehicles
Quantum Dots Ttansforming The Medical Field


English | 100 pages | PDF | 50.5 MB

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