CQ Amateur Radio - 07.2022

CQ Amateur Radio - 07.2022

CQ Amateur Radio is the magazine for active hams, with a focus on the practical. Every article is clearly written and aimed at involving you, the reader...whether it's a story of operating from some exotic location, an article to deepen your understanding of ham radio science and technology, or a fun-to-build project that will have practical use in your ham shack. Join us on our monthly journey through the broad and varied landscape of the world's most fascinating hobby!

Read in the issue

MATH’S NOTES: A Dummy Load, Spare Power, and a Voltage Detector By Irwin Math, WA2NDM.
THE LISTENING POST: Mystery (Not) Colombian Station Remains a Mystery By Gerry Dexter.
VHF PLUS: Making Super High Frequencies Available to the Masses By Trent Fleming, N4DTF.
ANALOG ADVENTURES: Dayton Debrief By Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ.
LEARNING CURVE: Antenna Traps By Ron Ochu, KOØZ
HAM NOTEBOOK: More Projects on the Workbench By Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ.
DIGITAL CONNECTION: High(ish) Speed Packet... Some Practical Advice on Breaking the 1k2 Barrier By Don Rotolo, N2IRZ.


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