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Electronics for Absolute Beginners

Philip Dixon. Electronics for Absolute Beginners

Title: Electronics for Absolute Beginners
Author: Philip Dixon
Year: 2018
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
English language
Format: pdf
Pages: 168
Size: 10.1 MB

The purpose of this book is to introduce the subject of electronics to people who have no prior knowledge of the subject. If you don't know what a prototyping breadboard is, or have no idea what a resistor or diode do, then this book will help you to gain a basic understanding of what electronics components exist and what they are used for. You will also learn how to combine such components to build electronics circuits.

The book is split into two parts – the first introduces the subject of electronics, and the second contains a range of simple circuits to design and build.

Part 1. Getting Started with Electronics

Chapter 1. Electricity and Electric Circuits
Chapter 2. Equipment You Need in Your Electronics Laboratory
Chapter 3. Safety
Chapter 4. Resistors
Chapter 5. Capacitors
Chapter 6. Diodes
Chapter 7. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Chapter 8. Transistors
Chapter 9. Integrated Circuits
Chapter 10. The 555 Timer
Chapter 11. Combining Electronics with Software

Part 2. Designing and Building Electronics Circuits

Chapter 12. Using and Electronics Prototyping Breadboard
Chapter 13. Illuminating a Single LED
Chapter 14. Using a Multimeter to Measure Voltage, Current and Resistance
Chapter 15. Connecting Multiple LEDs in Series
Chapter 16. Connecting Multiple LEDs in Parallel
Chapter 17. Using a Variable Resistor to Control the Speed of a Small DC Motor
Chapter 18. Using Wind Power
Chapter 19. Using a Transistor to Switch On an LED
Chapter 20. Charging and Discharging a Capacitor
Chapter 21. Building a Light Sensor - Night Light

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