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AudioXpress No. 7 (July) 2024

AudioXpress No. 7 (July) 2024

Read in the number 7 AudioXpress 2024

WiiM Amp Integrated Amplifier and Multiroom Audio Streamer. Streaming Audio Simplified;
For the Love of Music: Loudness Normalization;
Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Part 1 — Ten Years and Three Generations;
Designing a Powerful Speech Compressor;
Acoustical Window Treatments;
The Orange Valve Tester MKII;
Power, Efficiency, and Flexibility;
ICEpower. An Audio Company That Also Does Amplifiers;
High-Quality Class-D — The Hypex Way. Getting to Know Jan-Willem Winters.

AudioXpress combines great articles and projects for audio engineers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors. Innovations in Audio, Audio Electronics and the best in DIY Audio.

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