AudioXpress - 11.2023

AudioXpress - 11.2023

Read in the number 11 AudioXpress 2023

How Optical Technology Enables a Generational Shift in MEMS Microphone Performance. By Jakob Vennerod and Kieran Harney (sensiBel)
The Impact of Mic Specs on Active Noise Cancellation Performance. By Nikolay Skovorodnikov (Knowles)
How ADC Hybrid Gain Control Can Enable Smooth, Pop-Free Microphone Preamp Gain Changes. By Michael Chandler-Page (Cirrus Logic)
Digital Signal Processing for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids. By Alexander Goldin (Alango Technologies)

AudioXpress combines great articles and projects for audio engineers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors. Innovations in Audio, Audio Electronics and the best in DIY Audio.

English | 68 pages | True PDF | 16 MB

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