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audioXpress - 05.2022

audioXpress - 05.2022

AudioXpress combines great articles and projects for audio engineers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors. Innovations in Audio, Audio Electronics and the best in DIY Audio.

Contents of the issue

  • Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra. Pushing Power Amplifier Performance Boundaries. By Stuart Yaniger
  • An Introduction to Testing Vacuum Tubes (Part 2) Choosing the Right Tube Tester. By Mark Driedger
  • Effect of Air Conditions on Sound Propagation By Richard Honeycutt
  • Graphical Analysis of Class-A Amplifiers. Developing a Love of Designing Hollow-State Electronics. By Richard Honeycutt
  • The Enduring Appeal of Vinyl. By J. Martins
  • Birds of a Feather. Western Electric's New Production 300B. By Michael Boele
  • Meet the Pentriode. By Alan Kimmel
  • Adding Bluetooth to a Tube Amp. By Merlin Blencowe

English | 68 pages | PDF | 28 MB

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