audioXpress - 02.2022

Read in the issue:

  • Microphones From XLR and USB to Hardware/Software Hybrids By J. Martins
  • Speakers and Transducers. Haptic Devices for Augmentation, Entertainment, and Wellness. By Mike Klasco
  • Development and Design. On the Edge: TinyML and Voice Recognition Technology Are Transforming Industries. By Vikrant Singh Tomar (
  • Sound Control. Quantification of Speech Intelligibility. By Richard Honeycutt
  • You Can DIY! A High-Quality MM Phono, Line, and Headphone Amplifier. By George Ntanavaras
  • You Can DIY! Build a Current Feedback Headphone Amplifier. By Brian Byienok

audioXpress - 02.2022

audioXpress combines great articles and projects for audio engineers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors. Innovations in Audio, Audio Electronics and the best in DIY Audio.


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