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Analog Audio Amplifier Design

John C.M. Lam. Analog Audio Amplifier Design

Analog Audio Amplifier Design | John C.M. Lam
Year: 2024
Publisher: Routledge
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 598
Size: 18.4 MB

Analog Audio Amplifier Design introduces all the fundamental principles of analog audio amplifiers, alongside practical circuit design techniques and advanced topics. Covering all the basics of amplifier operation and configuration, as well as high-end audio amplifiers, this is a comprehensive guide with design examples and exercises throughout.

With chapters on single-device, operational, multi-stage, voltage buffer, power, line-stage and phono-stage amplifiers, Analog Audio Amplifier Design is a comprehensive and practical introduction that empowers readers to master a range of design techniques. This book also provides a variety of graphs and tables of key amplifying devices and properties of amplifier configurations for easy reference.

This is an essential resource for audio professionals and hobbyists interested in audio electronics and audio engineering, as well as students on electrical and audio engineering courses.

There are 14 chapters in this book, which cover amplifier designs ranging from basics of amplifiers, operational amplifiers, phono-stage amplifiers, line-stage amplifiers, and power amplifiers. The use of semiconductor transistors and vacuum tubes are fully discussed.

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