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The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, 5th Edition

The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, 5th Edition

The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, 5th Edition
Author: Robert Harley
Year: 2015
Publisher: Acapella Publishing
English language
Format: pdf
Pages: 958
Size: 11.5 Mb

With this book, discover how to get the best sound for your money, how to identify the weak links in your system and upgrade where it will do the most good, how to set up and tweak your system for maximum performance, and how to become a more perceptive and appreciative listener.

The book covers the following topics:
What Is High-End Audio?
Choosing a High-End Audio System
Becoming a Better Listener
Power and Integrated Amplifiers
Digital Source Components, Part One: Disc Players, DACs, and Interfaces
Digital Source Components Part Two: Music Servers
Turntables, Tonearms, and Cartridges: The LP Playback System
Cables and Interconnects
Audio for Home Theater
Multichannel Audio
Personal Audio: Headphones, Desktop, and Mobile Audio
System Setup Secrets, Part One: Loudspeaker Placement and Room Acoustics
System Setup Secrets, art Two: Expert Tuning Techniques, Accessories, Equipment Racks, and AC Power Conditioners
Specifications and Measurements
Appendix A: Sound and Hearing
Appendix B: Audio and Electronics Basics
Appendix C: Digital Audio Basics

Download : Robert Harley. The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, 5th Edition

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