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Small Signal Audio Design, 4th Edition

Small Signal Audio Design, 4th Edition

Title: Small Signal Audio Design, 4th Edition
Author: Douglas Self
Year: 2023
Publisher: Focal Press
English language
Format: pdf, epub
Pages: 847
Size: 71.3 MB

Small Signal Audio Design is a highly practical handbook providing an extensive repertoire of circuits that can be assembled to make almost any type of audio system. This fully revised fourth edition offers wholly new content on internally balanced audio design, electret microphones, emitter-follower stability, microphony in capacitors, and much, much more.

Learn how to:
- make amplifiers with apparently impossibly low noise
- design discrete circuitry that can handle enormous signals with vanishingly low distortion
- transform the performance of low-cost opamps
- build active filters with very low noise and distortion while saving money on expensive capacitors
- make incredibly accurate volume controls
- make a huge variety of audio equalisers
- use load synthesis to make magnetic cartridge preamplifiers that have noise so low it is limited by basic physics
- sum, switch, clip, compress, and route audio signals
- build simple but ultra-low noise power supplies
- be confident that phase perception is not an issue

Including all the crucial theories, but with minimal mathematics, Small Signal Audio Design is the must-have companion for anyone studying, researching, or working in audio engineering and audio electronics.

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