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Paul Lee. Power Supplies Explained

Paul Lee. Power Supplies Explained

Title: Power Supplies Explained
Author: Paul Lee
Year: 2018
Publisher: Radio Society of Great Britain
English language
Format: epub, pdf
Pages: 531
Size: 24.4 Mb

A power supply is something that is often overlooked by radio amateurs, as for many it is simply the box that at the flick of a switch is provides stable DC voltage. A modern power supply is though much more, combining theory that dates back from the nineteenth century all the way to the latest techniques in digital control with all of electronics practice in between. Power Supplies Explained sets out to do exactly this - explain in understandable terms what that little box is doing, right through to designing your own bespoke power supply.

Some believe there is a little magic in power supply design; beginners especially are wary of the challenging mixture of digital, analogue, magnetics and control loops with cooling, EMC and safety to contend with as well. Whilst many books deal with the theory in depth, they often give little guidance on the practical aspects of achieving working designs - Power Supplies Explained is different. This book seeks to give detail of how circuits are chosen for the application and how circuits are designed in detail including their inductors and transformers. Calculations are justified in a simple way so that the reader can use them as a basis for their own designs.

Readers will find chapters that include descriptions of 'linear' supplies and a wide range of 'switched-mode' types from simple buck converters to the latest off-line high-efficiency topologies. There are worked examples are based around typical radio amateur requirements and in many cases are versions of commercial products that the author has successfully designed. There are also chapters on magnetics theory, control loops, EMC, practical construction techniques, test equipment and much more. High voltage power supplies are included with comprehensive guidance on safety.

Power Supplies Explained sets out to dispel the mystery and encourage readers to 'have a go' with their own designs and get the satisfaction of being able to say, 'I made that'.

Abbreviations used
1: What is a Power Supply?
2: Mains Powered Linear Power Supplies
3: Linear Regulator Circuits
4: Switched-Mode Power Supplies
5: Magnetics basics
6: Non-Isolated Switched-Mode Converters
7: Isolated Switched-Mode Converters
8: Off-line Converters
9: Off-Line Converter Designs
10: Control Loops
12: UC38xx Series
13: Introduction to high voltage supplies
14: Battery backup supplies
15: Current Monitoring and Sensing
16: Design for Reliability/Lifetime
17: Heatsinking and cooling
18: Transformer construction techniques
19: Power Supply Test Equipment
21: PCB Layout considerations
22: Component parameters

Appendix 1: General design equations - control loops
Appendix 2: Power magnetics design equations
Appendix 3: Waveforms RMS, average
Appendix 4: Wire tables
Appendix 5: Useful links
Appendix 6: Manufacturers
Appendix 7: More reading

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