How to Hot Rod Your Fender Amp

How to Hot Rod Your Fender Amp

This guidebook shows owners and dreamers the basics of getting the best sound possible out of their Fender amp with simple and advanced modifications. These include essential and fundamental tips like selecting tubes, capacitors, pots, and other electronic equipment, as well as biasing and setting up your amp.

It also covers great hot-rodding enhancements to give you the tone of the pros at your fingertips, such as making one channel into an overdrive channel, modifying tone controls, making one channel either a Marshall or Vox channel (changing preamp and tone arrangement—not a permanent, destructive mod), building splitter boxes to run two amps simultaneously, creating splitter speaker setups within one amp, building the perfect gig amp (something light and portable, but with big sound, like an early Mesa Boogie), and more.


  • Choosing an Amp
  • Tools and Electronic Components
  • Speakers, Switches, and Schematics
  • Bias
  • Quick, Basic, and Essential Modifications
  • Overhauling the Silverface, Hot Rodding the Hot Rod, and Rebuilding the Reissue
  • Reverb
  • Tone Stack Modifications
  • Adding Gain
  • Dual Channel Modifications
  • Switch Boxes

Title: How to Hot Rod Your Fender Amp: Modifying your Amplifier for Magical Tone
Author: Jeffrey Falla
Year: 2011
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 186
Size: 107.6 Mb

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