Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers

Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers

The audio amplifier is at the heart of audio design. Its performance determines largely the performance of any audio system. John Linsley Hood is widely regarded as the finest audio designer around, and pioneered design in the post-valve era. His mastery of audio technology extends from valves to the latest techniques. This is John Linsley Hood's greatest work yet, describing the milestones that have marked the development of audio amplifiers since the earliest days to the latest systems.

Including classic amps with valves at their heart and exciting new designs using the latest components, this book is the complete world guide to audio amp design.

- Complete world guide to audio amp design written by world famous author.
- Covers classic amps to new designs using latest components.
- Includes the best of valves as well as best of transistors.

Summary of the book

  • Active Components
  • Passive Components
  • Voltage Amplifier Stages Using Valves
  • Valve Audio Amplifier Layouts
  • negative feedback
  • Valve Operated Audio Power Amplifiers
  • Solid State Voltage Amplifiers
  • Early Solid State Audio Amplifier Designs
  • Contemporary Power Amplifier Designs
  • Preamplifiers
  • Power Supplies

Name: Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers
Author: John Linsley Hood
Year of publication: 2006
Publisher: Droitwich, Worcestershire
English language
Wormat: pdf
Size: 10.1 Mb

Download: John Linsley Hood. Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers

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