Douglas Self. Electronics for Vinyl

Douglas Self. Electronics for Vinyl

Electronics for Vinyl is the most comprehensive book ever produced on the electronic circuitry needed to extract the best possible signal from grooves in vinyl. What is called the "vinyl revival" is in full swing, and a clear and comprehensive account of the electronics you need is very timely.


Chapter 1 The Basics
Chapter 2 Passive Components
Chapter 3 Opamps and Their Properties
Chapter 4 Preamp Architecture
Chapter 5 Moving-Magnet Inputs: Phono Amp Architecture
Chapter 6 Signals From Vinyl: Levels and Limitations
Chapter 7 RIAA Equalisation
Chapter 8 Archival and Non-Standard Equalisation
Chapter 9 Moving-Magnet Inputs: Noise and Distortion
Chapter 10 Moving-Magnet Inputs: Discrete Circuitry
Chapter 11 Moving-Coil Head Amplifiers
Chapter 12 Subsonic Filtering
Chapter 13 Ultrasonic and Scratch Filtering
Chapter 14 Line Outputs
Chapter 15 Level Indication
Chapter 16 Power Supplies
Chapter 17 Moving-Magnet Inputs: Practical Designs

Title: Electronics for Vinyl
Author: Douglas Self
Year: 2018
English language
Format: PDF
Pages: 622
Size: 17.5 Mb

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