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Arduino Software Internals, 2nd Edition

Arduino Software Internals, 2nd Edition

Arduino Software Internals: A Complete Guide to How Your Arduino Language and Hardware Work Together, 2nd Edition | Norman Dunbar
English | 2024 | PDF, EPUB | Pages: 334 | 10 MB

"It's not enough to just build your Arduino projects; it's time to actually learn how things work!" This book goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive understanding of Arduino software and hardware, as well as how they intertwine. Gain valuable insights into the inner workings of Arduino and its language, and discover how to communicate with the microcontroller in its native language, AVR C++. Explore the latest version (0.30.0) which offers a multitude of configuration options that can be conveniently modified using the command-line interface (CLI).

What You’ll Learn:
How the Arduino Language interfaces with the hardware, as well as how it actually works in C++;
How to burn bootloaders with the latest version (0.30.0) of Arduino software.
How to program your device using an In Circuit System Programmer (ICSP)
How to build their own Arduino clone from scratch
How to efficiently handle different boards and libraries
Uncover new features and enhancements, including the ability to set up and use profiles, and employ Makefiles.

Who This Book Is For:
This book welcomes everyone with an interest in learning about Arduino, regardless of expertise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Maker, "Arduino Software Internals" equips you with the knowledge to truly comprehend and leverage the power of Arduino.

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