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Getting Started With Arduino

Getting Started With Arduino

Getting Started With Arduino | Shekhar Nandanwar
English | 2024 | epub | 10 mb

This book will give us a brief on Arduino, anyone who want to get started with electronics and embedded system can start with Arduino as it is open source, easy to use, supporting libraries and other features which makes it favorite to makers, engineer, students and educators.

In this book we cover the basic and some popular topics on Arduino which will later get you advanced in Arduino. Arduino hardware and software are open source. This is great for beginners who want to start with electronics or embedded systems.

Before reading this book one should have basic knowledge on electronics and components like resistor capacitors and how they work. The best utilization of this book is to experiment and prototype projects and code. The Arduino can be programmed using the C language. There are endless projects that you can make with an Arduino.

Arduino UNO
Arduino Shields
Arduino IDE
Sensor Interfacing
Communication protocols

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