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Raspberry Pi Pico Very Basic C language version

Raspberry Pi Pico Very Basic C language version

Raspberry Pi Pico Very Basic C language version | Toshinori Fujii
English | 2024 | EPUB | 24.9 MB

For those who are new to Raspberry Pi Pico, this book explains the programmes and circuits you are likely to use most often, from lighting LEDs to how to control it using Wifi communication. Use this book as a starting point to learn more about the Raspberry Pi Pico.


2.Raspberry Pi
2.1 Raspberry Pi Pico W
2.2 Installing the C language

3. Raspberry Pi
3.1 Displaying "Hello World"
3.2 Displaying the four arithmetic operations
3.3 Entering and displaying characters
3.4 Calculating and displaying variables
3.5 Increment operators
3.6 Bitwise operators
3.7 Binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers
3.8 Computing real numbers
3.9 Adding a comment
3.10 Branching and repetition
3.11 Iteration
3.12 Arrays
3.13 Character strings
3.14 Function

4.Elements for the experiment
(1) LED
(2) Resistance (1/4W)
(3) Breadboard
(4) Jumper wire
(5) Piezoelectric speaker
(6) Servo motor
(7) Variable resistors
(8) CDS cell
(9) Full-colour LEDs

5. Experiments with Raspberry Pico
5.1 Experiments with lighting LED
5.2 Switch experiment
5.3 Piezoelectric speaker experiments
5.4 Servo motor experiments
5.5 Communication experiment
5.6 Experiments with Sensors

6.WiFi experiment of Raspberry Pi Pico
6.1 Setting up WiFi on Raspberry Pi Pico
6.2 Communication Test with WiFi
6.3 IoT with WiFi on the Raspberry Pi Pico
6.4 Fabrication of a Line Tracing Robot

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