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Raspberry Pi Pico Tips and Tricks (2024-03-02 Update)

Raspberry Pi Pico Tips and Tricks (2024-03-02 Update)

Raspberry Pi Pico Tips and Tricks (2024-03-02 Update)
English | 2024-03-02 | Pages: 160 | PDF (true), EPUB + Code | 37.7 MB
Publisher: Leanpub

Learning about microcontrollers? Want to avoid the mistakes that I made along my learning journey? All the tips and tricks that will help you advance your skills, demonstrated using a Raspberry Pi Pico.

If you've heard about the Raspberry Pi Pico you may know that it provides a fantastic method to learn about using a microcontroller and to develop some skills that go beyond the basics.

Is this book for you?

You be the judge! I write books that capture information about the things I learn. In this case I will be writing down a bunch of information about the Raspberry Pi Pico and how I learned to use it. It's not written for experts. It's put together as a guide to get you started if you're unsure about how to make the first move with a microcontroller.

Writing about how to do cool stuff with computers means that we're accumulating ways to help ourselves out when the going gets tricky. Making a book out of the information is a no-brainer since that way more people benefit from the process.

So I hope you get something out of the book, please excuse the sometimes light-hearted conversational manner in which I approach the topic and enjoy the Raspberry Pi Pico!

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