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Arduino Music and Audio Projects

Mike Cook. Arduino Music and Audio Projects

Arduino Music and Audio Projects | Mike Cook
Year: 2015
Publisher: Apress
English language
Format: PDF
Pages: 458
Size: 10.4 MB

This book is for musical makers and artists who want to gain knowledge and inspiration for your own amazing creations. “Grumpy Mike” Cook, co-author of several books on the Raspberry Pi and frequent answerer of questions of the Arduino forums, brings you a fun and instructive mix and simple and complex projects to help you understand how the Arduino can work with the MIDI system to create musical instruments and manipulate sound.

Contents at a Glance
Part I: MIDI and OSC
Chapter 1: Basic Arduino
Chapter 2: Basic MIDI
Chapter 3: More MIDI
Chapter 4: MIDI Manipulation
Chapter 5: MIDI Instruments
Chapter 6: MIDI Harp Player
Chapter 7: The DunoCaster
Chapter 8: OSC and Friends
Chapter 9: Some More Projects

Part II: Generating waveforms
Chapter 10: The Anatomy of a Sound
Chapter 11: Square Waves
Chapter 12: Other Wave Shapes
Chapter 13: The SpoonDuino

Part III: Signal Processing
Chapter 14: Sampling
Chapter 15: Audio Effects
Chapter 16: Digital Filters
Chapter 17: DSP Projects

Download : Mike Cook. Arduino Music and Audio Projects

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