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Arduino VI: Bioinstrumentation

Steven F. Barrett. Arduino VI: Bioinstrumentation

Arduino VI: Bioinstrumentation | Steven F. Barrett
Year: 2024
Publisher: Springer
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 307
Size: 6.7 MB

This book, “Arduino VI: Bioinstrumentation,” is an accessible primer on bioinstrumentation for those without a deep instrumentation background. An understanding of basic circuit theory is an appropriate prerequisite for the book. The three main goals for the book are: explore accessible Arduino microcontroller programming and interfacing concepts; investigate the source and measurement of biomedical signals; and develop skills to design and implement biomedical instrumentation.

Throughout the book we provide numerous hardware and software examples. As previously mentioned, a tutorial on biomedical safety concepts is readily available in Appendix A and referenced throughout the book. We recommend reading this appendix first (now) and regularly as you progress through the book.

Download : Steven F. Barrett. Arduino VI: Bioinstrumentation

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