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Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

Title: Home Automation with Raspberry Pi
Posted by Donald Norris
Year: 2019
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education TAB
English language
Format: pdf
Pages: 315
Size: 15.9 MB

This hands-on guide shows, step by step, how to use the powerful Raspberry Pi for home automation. Written in an easy-to-follow style, the book features DIY projects for Amazon Echo, Google Home, smart lightbulbs and thermostats, and more.

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi: Projects Using Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Other Intelligent Personal Assistants lays out essential skills for hobbyists and makers of all ages and experience levels. You will discover how to build gadgets that can work in conjunction with-or in some cases replace-commercially available smart home products.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:
Design and build custom home automation devices.
Interface a Google Home device to your Raspberry Pi.
Connect Google Voice Assistant to RasPi
Incorporate GPIO control using the Amazon Echo.
Navigate home automation operating systems.
Use Z-Wave in your RasPi HA projects.
Apply fuzzy logic techniques to your projects.
Work with sensors and develop home security systems.
Utilize two open-source AI applications, Mycroft and Picroft.
Tie your projects together to create an integrated home automation system.

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