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Multitasking with Raspberry Pi

Dogan Ibrahim. Multitasking with Raspberry Pi

Title: Multitasking with Raspberry Pi
Author: Dogan Ibrahim
Year: 2020
Publisher: Elektor Publication
English language
Format: pdf (true)
Pages: 231
Size: 6 MB

This book is project-based and its main aim is to teach the basic features of multitasking using the Python 3 programming language on Raspberry Pi. Many fully tested projects are provided in the book using the multitasking modules of Python. Each project is described fully and in detail.

Complete program listings are given for each project. Readers should be able to use the projects as they are, or modify them to suit their own needs. The following Python multitasking modules have been described and used in the The book includes simple multitasking projects such as independently controlling multiple LEDs, to more complex multitasking projects such as on/off temperature control, traffic lights control, 2-digit, and 4-digit 7-segment LED event counter, reaction timer, stepper motor control, keypad based projects, car park controller, and many more.

Download : Dogan Ibrahim. Multitasking with Raspberry Pi

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