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Make: Jumpstarting Raspberry Pi Vision

Make: Jumpstarting Raspberry Pi Vision

Title: Make: Jumpstarting Raspberry Pi Vision. Machine Learning and Facial Recognition on a Single-Board Computer
Authors: Sandy Antunes, James West
Year: 2018
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.
English language
Format: epub, pdf
Pages: 60
Size: 10 mb

In this book, we’re going to show you how to make a working Raspberry Pi–based camera system so that you can capture time-lapse images and view via Wi-Fi, trigger the camera if motion is detected, and even carry out basic facial recognition as an introduction to machine learning methods.

A good surveillance system does more than take pictures. It should also turn those pictures into actionable information that increases your knowledge. That’s now easily done in software, and we’re going to show you how.

So grab a Pi, an SD card, a USB camera, and a USB battery pack, and let’s go!

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