Fun projects with Raspberry Pi

Fun projects with Raspberry Pi

It is not easy to explain the meaning of a board like Raspberry Pi for nerds, geeks, coders and anyone involved in technology. On one side, Raspberry Pi is a mini computer and the size substantially changes all possibilities. A mini computer could be placed in a car dashboard or integrated into a kitchen appliance. A mini computer has also minimum power requirements. You can use it with batteries. On the other side, Raspberry Pi has input and output pins capable of being used to connect devices. What kind of devices? A camera but also micro Oled screens, biometric finger print readers, relays to turn on and off big appliances, lights, temperature sensors, RFID card readers and lots more. If there is anything missing: the price.

It must taken into account that this kind of flexibility and reach have another side: the “complexity” to mount it, configure it and use it. I’m using quotes for complexity since here I introduce this book: with simple language I will guide you step by step to mount a series of Raspberry based interesting projects.

Is it required to be a coder to read this book? Is it required to know all about Unix command line? Do you need a University degree in computer science? Not at all. You only need enthusiasm. This book and other books I wrote for Steadman Thompson have the premise of “learn by doing”, meaning that knowledge is obtained with specific practices. This book has also optional chapters with hard theory, just in case you want or need that to go a step further.

Название: Fun projects with Raspberry Pi
Автор: Rodrigo S.A.
Год: 2021
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Страниц: 98
Размер: 10,06 mb

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