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The Ultimate Guide to Arduino Library

The Ultimate Guide to Arduino Library

The Ultimate Guide to Arduino Library: A Technical Reference for the Top 60 Most Used Libraries for programming your Sketches | Ian Jackson
English | 2020 | 76 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 10 MB

Do you heard about the Arduino ecosystem and maybe already tried to understand and get familiar with the library without success? Do you think there are too many boards and choose which one fits best to your needs seems hard? Do you want to learn which are the most popular and essential Arduino libraries that help you to build your project without pain? Searching over the Internet for all these pieces of information, without a clear path, can be stressful. Sometimes we start a new project with a specific library and hardware. In the middle of programming, we figure out that we have chosen the wrong library, maintained by no one, and without clear documentation. There are thousands of libraries out there, and filtering the most useful and workings ones is a considerable work. This book has done this work for you.

In this book you will learn:
How to choose the best Arduino board for your project
Discover which all-in-one Arduino Library can help you with most of the standard functions that every project should have
Discover the best libraries for controlling LCD and OLED screens
Get how to connect Arduino to the Cloud using WIFI and GSM
How to use low-cost humidity and temperature sensors
Control Servo motors and learn about the most critical parameters to control
Discover the best library to write and read from SD cards
Choose the best graphics library for displaying circles, pints, lines
Learn the best way to manage and customize LED strips
Uncover what is the most popular Internet of Things platform to connect hardware to the Cloud
Discover how to let the Arduino board act as a Keyboard or a Mouse
Learn how to build your custom remote controller using infra-red signals
Learn which library provides support for ultrasonic sensors
And so much more!

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